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Pathbreaker invests in specialized teams building unique technology and IP in emerging areas of computing. We're proud investors in:

Catalog Technologies     Cinchapi     CryptoMove     Diligent Robotics     Drifter Entertainment     Fathom Computing     Iron Ox     Limbix Health     Mux     nTopology     OptimoRoute     Simbe Robotics     Superhuman     Text IQ     Uncorporeal Systems     Visby     Stealth 1     Stealth 2     Stealth 3     Stealth 4     

Catalog Technologies is building infinite data archives by encoding digital information into DNA. More on product.

Its founders are PhDs from the synthetic biology lab at MIT. More on team.

Co-investors: NEA (Seed), OS Fund, Anorak, Indie Bio, 50 Years, Civilization, Cantos

Cinchapi is a natural language-based platform for understanding real-time sensor data. More on product.

Its team is led by engineers from Palantir, Ionic Security, and nPm. More on team.

Co-investors: Tech Square Labs, Neurolaunch, Chris Klaus

Cryptomove is moving target defense data protection that continuously moves, mutates, distributes, fragments, and re-encrypts data without latency, with any algorithm. More on product.

Its founders are senior security engineers and former founders who've worked on data protection and cybercrime for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. More on team.

Co-investors: Social Capital (Series A), Draper Associates, Red Dog, founders of Palo Alto Networks & FireEye


Diligent Robotics.png

Diligent Robotics is building socially intelligent service robots that combine autonomy with mobile manipulation to improve hospital care & efficiency. More on product.

Its co-founders are Professors & PhDs in Human Robot Interaction from UT Austin and Georgia Tech. More on team.

Co-investors: True Ventures, Boom Capital, Next Coast Ventures

Drifter is building a virtual reality gaming studio optimized for eSports. Currently in stealth.

Its co-founders include the former GM of Unreal Engine 4 & CTO of Microsoft Xbox/Kinect, Art Director of Oculus & Art Director at id Software, and Creative Director for Games at Microsoft. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Signia, Initialized, Presence, VR Fund, Anorak

Fathom Computing is building hardware to train vast artificial neural networks with as many neurons and connections as the human brain. (Currently in stealth).

It's led by a highly technical team of senior researchers and engineers.

Co-investors: Playground  

IronOx is building robotic greenhouses with real-time data capture for growing sustainable produce. More on product.

It's led by senior robotics engineers from Google X, Willow Garage, and ABB. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Eniac Ventures (Seed), Amplify Partners (Seed), Cherubic, Anorak, Kyle Vogt, Mike Stoppelman, YCombinator

Limbix Health is building VR-based health tools for therapists.

Its founders are engineering & product leaders from Oculus, Facebook, and Google who previously founded & built Karma Science (acquired by Facebook in 2012). 

Co-investors: Sequoia

Limbix health image 2.jpg

Mux is building a video streaming analytics and performance suite. More on product

It's run by the founders of Zencoder (acquired by Brightcove for $30M in 2012). Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Accel (Series A), Lowercase, Susa, Advancit, Liquid2, Anorak, SV Angel, Haystack, 7 Percent, YCombinator,

Mux Founders 2017.jpg

nTopology is building modular CAD software with explicit and computer assisted creation tools for advanced manufacturing and 3D printing. More on product.

It's led by a specialized team of designers, mathematicians, and engineers from the 3d printing industry. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Data Collective (Series A), Root, Crunchfund, Haystack, 1517, Notation

OptimoRoute applies theoretical computer science to people routing and fleet management for mobile work forces. More product detail.

Its founders were early engineers at Google and built machine learning products for Yelp. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Mike & Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp, Hoxton, Anorak, 7 Percent

Rheo is building an innovative consumer video experience for the Apple TV, and video targeting technology for the connected television ecosystem. More on product.

Its founders are senior engineering and product leaders who spent more than 30 years at Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. The team is known for building some of the first iPhone apps & Apple media products, and also built Autoplay Video at Facebook. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Accomplice, Social Capital, Cherubic, Social Starts, Lars Rasmussen   

Rheo - Image.png

Simbe Robotics builds autonomous robotic systems for real-time data capture and analytics in retail environments. More on product.

Its founders are robotics engineering and product leaders from Willow Garage and Silver Spring Networks. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Future Shape (Seed), Cherubic Ventures, Comet Labs, Pillar VC, Anorak 

Superhuman is the fastest email experience in the world. The product is currently in stealth. 

Its founders started Rapportive (acquired by LinkedIn in 2012) and LiveRamp (acquired by Acxiom for $310M in 2014). Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: First Round, Boldstart, Precursor, Zelkova, Rubicon, WTI, 500

TextIQ is building machine learning-based solutions for document intelligence in legal, insurance, and Fortune 500 environments.

It is led by a team of PhD and Masters level machine learning engineers from Columbia University. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Floodgate (Seed), former General Counsels at Apple, Oracle, and Verizon. 

Uncorporeal offers a suite of cloud VR/AR reality capture products for volumetric capture, holophoto, and static photogrammetry. More on product.

Its team includes engineering & product leadership from WETA, Double Negative, Method, and Wikimedia. Learn more about the team.

Co-investors: Presence, Cherubic, 7 Percent, Liquid 2, strategic angels

Visby is building holographic light field technology -- codecs and capture solutions -- for virtual and augmented realities. The product is currently in stealth.

It is led by a PhD in Particle Physics, Masters in Applied Mathematics, and BA lightfield expert from Harvard University.


This specialized, senior team is solving some of the hardest technical problems in applied computer vision and robotics.

Co-investors: Playground, Vulcan, Homebrew

stealth image.jpg


This team of PhDs from UC Berkeley is building breakthrough technology to save lives.

Co-investors: Data Collective


This team of senior AI PhDs and engineers is building intelligent systems based on breakthrough neuroscience-inspired AI. 

Co-investors: Point 72, Ame Cloud, Morado, Greylock

Stealth 3.png


This team of senior engineering leaders from top technology companies is tackling a major global challenge.

Co-investors: Lightspeed 

Stealth 4.png