our investment focus

Pathbreaker invests early, often when a company consists solely of co-founders and conviction. We also invest when customers, users, or products are seeing traction. We don't believe all great companies, nor all phenomenal investments, look the same early on. So we are flexible, realistic, and patient - solving for supporting the founders best-suited for tackling the most meaningful problems.  

  • We seek to support specialized engineering and product leaders solving problems through novel technology and IP.  

  • Tackling $10B+ problems through emerging areas of computer science -- both software and hardware is of primary interest. Solutions built atop proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or natural language understanding software and/or virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, internet of things, connected home & car, autonomous vehicles, and drones are in line with our thesis.

  • We co-invest with trusted, value-added angels, pre-seed & seed funds, and larger top tier venture firms. 

  • If we're the first to gain conviction, we'll help you raise the rest of your round.

  • We will support you as you grow with capital, relationships, advice, access, and empathy.